Jennifer Christy has fifteen years of experience teaching others how to find their inner-artist. She holds a BFA in Visual Art Education and a MFA in Painting and Aesthetics. She lives in Bryan, Texas, with her extremely supportive husband, Matt, two adorable and energetic children, and two furry, constantly shedding, rescue dogs. You will find her painting in the wee hours of the morning when all five of them are snoozing.


The instinctual process of creating a painting is most interesting to me. I do not begin with a plan or a finished product in mind. I approach my canvas with reckless abandon: splashing, pouring, and spreading the paint across the surface. My tools include traditional brushes, and also rags, cardboard, sticks, plastic, even my own fingers. Once the first few layers are built up, I begin creating areas of thick, textured paint, bold colors and images that work together to create stimulating compositions. Outside of this inward approach, I also find inspiration in the vibrant and witty world of 60s and 70s cartoons, the art of Tim Burton, 1980s new wave, vintage photographs, nature, and all things beautiful, grotesque and terribly strange.